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Katie Fitzgerald and Rosa

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Client Testimonials and Pictures

Voted “Best Veterinarian” by Goodtimes Magazine 2009.

Myra and Elliot

“Dr. Phinn is an outstanding vet and I recommend her to anyone that wants a professional, caring, thorough and practical partner to assure the optimal welfare of their horse! A few years ago, I acquired an older arthritic horse, Elliott, who was very stiff and sore on a daily basis. Under Dr. Phinn’s care, Elliott is in better shape (both physically and mentally) than he has been in many years! Now Elliott is going strong and able to jump regularly, do dressage, and thinks he is the star of the barn! Dr. Phinn is the perfect vet for me as she researches and answers all my questions and concerns thoroughly. My husband also thinks Dr. Phinn is the perfect vet as she is very practical and will assure we do not spend money on unnecessary tests and procedures. Dr. Phinn sincerely cares about what is best for your horse and you!”

-Myra (Elliot’s “Mom”)

Natalie and Treasure sharing a bran mash!

“Dr. Phinn brings so much knowledge and compassion to her work. After our horse Hidden Treasure went through intensive colic surgery at Steinbeck Country Equine Hospital, Dr. Phinn took over full care of him, ensuring he had the best of care. And when Treasure suffered some complications related to the surgery, Dr. Phinn was at our barn within minutes thinking quickly on her feet to diagnose and treat him, keeping him healthy and our whole family happy. She continues to monitor his recovery as if he was one of her own horses.

Dr. Phinn communicates well with both adults and children explaining her treatment program so anyone can understand. This has allowed our 10 year old Natalie to take on the care and responsibility of her pony and be able to follow Dr. Phinn’s instructions easily. It really makes Natalie feel good that she is able to take care of her pony and help in his recovery process.

Thank you Dr. Phinn for helping to save Hidden Treasure. We look forward to many happy years with you as our favorite vet!”
– Hollie Wendt

Gertrude- Hit by car. Fractured back and infected wound. She is recovering well!

“In that moment of crisis when you really need a vet, Cori literally was our life saver. We desperately needed help at 10pm in the evening. Not only was Cori on site in 25 minutes, she stayed for two hours until the crisis was over and has continued to follow-up with us to make sure we are comfortable giving our pet the care she needs.

I found Cori to be reliable and very state-of the-art with her equipment and training. I have no reservations at all about recommending Cori as a vet. She cares about our pet as much as we do.”
-Mike and Colleen, Owners of Gertrude the goat

Nobella, happy and back in pasture!

“Dr. Phinn saved my horse’s life. Having been given an incorrect diagnosis by another clinic, Nobella took an extreme turn for the worse. Cori Phinn refused to give up and daily stopped by to treat Nobella and encourage me to hang in. She enlisted her nationwide contacts and sent comparative blood samples thru out the country. Nobella would have not made it without Dr. Phinn’s care. We are very lucky to have her practice in our community” – Shayna Kristen, Nobella’s Owner

Natasha riding James

Sky, the new addition to the Ledger family.