Dog and Cats: If you have an Emergency with your pet after hours please call Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital at (831) 475-5400.

Horses: Emergency services are available at all times including after hours, on weekends and holidays. In the event that Dr. Phinn is unavailable a cooperative group of local equine vets can be contacted this includes Dr. Natalie Broomhall, Dr. Anne Terry, Dr. Eva Casucii and Dr. Kacie Wells. Coast Veterinary Services has a close working relationship with Steinbeck Equine Clinic. Their staff, veterinarians and facilities are an excellent resource for advanced medical needs.

If Dr. Phinn is unavailable at her regular number please contact (831) 440-6912 and you will be contacted to the on-call veterinarian.


Large Animal Rescue Certified

Dr. Phinn is certified in Large Animal Rescue. This is a certification course that is based on State Fire Marshalls requirements and taught by the Large Animal Rescue Company. The instructors are John and Deb Fox, who are pioneers and experts in equine rescue. This provided the necessary skills to act effectively as a first responder to dynamic types of emergencies.