Mild body pathology such as tissue restriction, tight muscles, nerve compression, decreased blood flow and pain exist long before there are debilitating changes such as arthritis, tendonitis and muscle strains.

Your equine partner can demonstrate these changes by having a decrease in performance, trouble picking up leads, chronic colic, decreased bend, or even a change in attitude about work.

We can recognize and treat these changes using a complete exam, muscle work, mobilization, and acupuncture to effect the nerves, muscles and tissue planes. Acupuncture requires a detailed knowledge of the horse’s anatomy and function and is performed by a veterinarian. We can talk to the nervous system by placing needles in specific influential areas including locations near nerve plexuses, nerve-muscle junctions, nerve roots as they exit the spinal cord, fascial planes and along major nerve routes. This sends a signal to the spinal cord and brain that increases blood flow, releases muscle tension and reduces inflammation. This is using physical medicine to treat physical problems.

Many evidence based studies have been conducted on this treatment including using fMRI, which gives us a real time picture of brain and neurologic activity and how it is influenced by acupuncture. One common use of acupuncture is in the case of chronic pain. This chronic stimulation produces a “wind-up” effect on the nerves and acupuncture can be used to modulate the nervous system and bring it back to a normal state. It can also be used to:

  • Improve your horse’s movement and performance
  • Decrease and relieve pain
  • Recognize underlying issues
  • Treat GI problems
  • Treat musculoskeletal and lameness problems
  • Treat back pain
  • Recognize saddle fit problems
  • Decrease reliance on medications and invasive procedure

Dr. Cori Phinn is a Veterinarian and registered in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture. She uses this treatment in conjunction with modern medicine to treat the whole horse. She works with referring veterinarians, trainers, farriers and the horse owners to keep the whole horse happy and healthy.

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